Peter Rabbit Organics Apple Grape 10-Pak


Sold by the case. Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit pouches are packed full of natural 100% fruit. They have done all the fruit washing, chopping, and peeling for you.

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Peter Rabbit Organics Apple Grape

You and your family will enjoy our Peter Rabbit Organics Apple Grape. Sold by the case. They have done all the fruit washing, chopping, and peeling for you. So now, you can eat organic fruit on the go without worrying about the mess or hassle. All our fantastic tasting juice pouches have no added sugar or preservatives. Only naturally sourced organic ingredients are certified by the USDA, and whenever possible they use ethical local suppliers in Oregon. Like squeezable drink pouches, Peter Rabbit Organics BPS-Free pouches are easy to drop into a diaper bag, lunch box or purse without the threat of breaking or spilling. The No-Choke Cap makes them safe for the little ones and the larger size makes it easy to get a full serving of fruit in each pouch.

Product Details

  • Case of 10
  • 4 oz/pouch
  • 100% Fruit

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