Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar 6-Pak


Nakano’s no-sugar-added rice vinegar is made from 100% rice, filtered through French press pads and then aged in oak barrels for at least one year. The result is a warm, complex vinegar with unique nuanced flavors that are not achieved with chemical additives or through artificial ageing.

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Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar

Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar is a natural, mild vinegar flavor that brings out the flavor of everything it touches. No added sugar or salt makes it a healthy alternative. Nakano has been producing traditional vinegar in Japan since ancient times. Above all, the secret recipe has not changed over the centuries. We use this traditional method in all our production processes. In addition, this includes the ageing of our vinegar by cave-ageing using a natural limestone rock and air-drying of crafted wooden barrels.

Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar is 100% natural and has no added sugar; it’s a healthy alternative to other vinegar. Use it on salads, vegetables, fish or meat. You’ll love its unique mild vinegar flavor that brings out the natural flavors of everything it touches.’s unique flavor makes it perfect for pickling vegetables, marinating meats or dressing up simple salad greens. Nakano is also great in sushi and sashimi because of its amazing acidity level. Open your mouth to the world of Japanese-style vinegar with Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar.

Product Description

  • Case of 6
  • 12 oz/bottle

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