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Calathea ‘White Star’

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White Star Calathea White Star

The Calathea White Star, aka Goeppertia Majestica Whitestar, is a cultivar of the Ornata species and one of the most elegant. They have oblong-shaped leaves with paint-like white and pink stripes on top and a purple-toned underside. This plant grows upright and you may notice its leaves will close up at night and reopen in the morning.

  • Botanical Name: Calathea ‘White Star’
  • Common Names: Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant
  • Description: There are several dozen species in this genus. Native to the tropical Americas, many of the species are popular as pot plants due to their decorative leaves and, in some species, colorful inflorescence. They are commonly called Calatheas or (like their relatives) prayer plants. With paint like white and pink stripes on the leaves, this Calathea is a must for any plant lover.

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