Bromeliad ‘Donna’


Bromeliad ‘Donna’

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Bromeliad ‘Donna’

So, we think you’ll love this beautiful Bromeliad ‘Donna’ plant in your room. Secondly, it’s a unique, colorful variety for warm climate gardens! Foliage adds bold texture to beds and borders. A stunning container accent for home or patio. Also, the main clump often multiplies by producing new pups. Not to mention, this tropical epiphyte thrives with humidity, often going two weeks without supplemental water.

  • Botanical Name: Neoregelia ‘Donna’
  • Common Names: Donna
  • Description: The Bromeliad Donna has a deep colored bloom with green outer leaves. This plant ships fully bloomed and looks very similar to the plant in the picture. These bromeliads prefer medium to low light and warm humid environments.

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