Alter Eco Quinoa Rainbow


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Alter Eco Quinoa Rainbow

With Alter Eco Quinoa Rainbow, we’re bringing you whole quinoa in a rainbow of colors. We’ve gathered together traditional heirloom quinoa varieties from around the globe, and then roasted them to bring out their natural sweetness. The result is nutty, crunchy and absolutely delicious. Just stir in lemon juice and your favorite herbs or spices, then add hot or cold water and dive in for a savory bowlful. Naturally gluten-free, vegan and kosher. Quinoa, originally cultivated in the Peruvian Andes, is a food for the ages. Today, we are proud to bring you this Harvest Blend of quinoa, all grown on-site at our sustainable farm in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We combine three distinct varieties of quinoa to create unforgettable tasting dishes that you’ll never want to end. There’s a reason we call it quin-OH-ah. Alpinia Rosea is sweet and nutty, Hom Mali Jasmine smells like roses, Mondo Nero is a deep chocolate-coffee blend. The Pearl is toasty with a creamy finish; all of them full of the original personality.

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  • Size: 25 lbs/pack

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