Five Reasons To Buy Eco-Friendly Gifts

Five Reasons To Buy Eco-Friendly Gifts

In this blog post, we want to show you five reasons to buy eco-friendly gifts. We know one of the hardest things in this life is choosing a gift for your loved ones. You want your gift to be meaningful and beautiful to the giftee. Whether shopping for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or a baby shower, don’t let your gift be just another forgettable “back of the closet until next year’s spring clean out” gift. Wouldn’t it be nice to give something they’ll actually want and use? Providing an eco-friendly and sustainable gift is the best way to make sure everyone is happy. It has a lot of advantages for the environment, your loved one and even you. Here are five reasons why you should buy an eco-friendly gift.


1. Better for the environment

Better for the environment

So, if this were the only reason why an eco-friendly gift is good, this alone would be enough! Also, if your gift creates awareness and ensures more people go green, the less we will have to live in fear of big potential disasters. In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying a disposable gift, it can be a waste of money. Even better, don’t buy anything at all. Try your hand at making something really special, which saves both your giftee and the planet some green.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Chief Seattle

2. Be proud of yourself and feel good about your purchase

Be proud of yourself and feel good about your purchase

While choosing gifts that won’t harm the planet, remember that there are also some surprising benefits of eco-friendly products for you. Even though giving common luxury gifts often leaves a sense of temporary satisfaction, purchasing the best eco-friendly gift provides some permanent psychological benefits. Being mindful of what you’re gifting goes beyond choosing items that reduce waste; supporting small businesses and brands that give back is another way to shop and gift consciously. Now it’s time to feel better because you’re doing something remarkable!


3. You can make a difference: Butterfly effect

You can make a difference: Butterfly effect

Yes, today we are facing climate change and also big environmental problems. However, it doesn’t mean that we can not do anything anymore. A small mindful gift might cause a big difference, like a butterfly’s wings causing a typhoon. Our humble gift has the potential to act as an awareness-raising catalyst for our giftee. Why does your giftee not decide to live in a more eco-friendly way after your cute eco-friendly gift? Why not the sustainable gift idea to pass on to new people?


4. It increases your reputation

It increases your reputation

We are all human, and of course, we want to leave a good impression on the person who receives our gift. Studies show that honesty and humility are some of the characteristics of environmentally conscious people. While there are so many luxury and environmentally harmful gift options out there, choosing a gift from eco-friendly gift ideas demonstrates your empathy for future generations or other animals. By gifting a sustainable product, you can show you are such an amazing human without saying, “I am an honest/humble person.”


5. Mindless gifts are meaningless gifts

Mindless gifts are meaningless gifts

Eco-friendly gifts show thought and consideration for not just the giftee but our planet. A last-minute cheap scarf means this is the only thing that you can do because you didn’t know what else to get as a gift. This also shows that you don’t know too much about your giftee, their personality or interests. Eco-friendly gifts are often more unique and personalizable. Giving a personalized, sustainable gift is an excellent way to show your consideration and thought for your giftee.


The importance of buying eco-friendly gifts has never been more critical with increasing consumerism and climate change. A gift-wrapped-up present with biodegradable packaging can say out loud, “I care you and the planet.” Remember, doing good makes everyone feels good. Furthermore, it will also help you feel healthier, be healthier and more mindful. Having said all that, these were only five reasons why eco-friendly gifts are good, but we all know there’s even more to it than meets the eye. Hopefully, this will help you make some better choices in life!

Author: Duygu Tasdan | HBS-Buyway Chief Editor

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